The mobile health (mHealth) market is growing and getting a lot of attention. And there are a lot of reasons for this. It's a large market and there is a lot of demand. More than ever, individuals are thirsty for medical knowledge. There are about 97,000 apps related to health and fitness and over 300,000 downloads paid on a daily basis*. There's a lot at stake and the number of potential applications is huge. Five years from now, the mHealth market is expected to reach over 3.4 billion smartphones and tablets. By 2017, this market is expected to reach revenues in the order of $26 billion US*. 
From an economic and practical perspective, health related apps may help reduce healthcare costs and increase the availability of some aspects of healthcare.
While about 15% of medical apps are for healthcare professionals, the majority of mHealth applications are targeted to consumers

This, in turn, helps to indicate to users the proper time to hydrate during physical exercise. According to the researchers this will also help to avoid the risk of developing muscle cramps during a training session. 

A team of researchers from Cornell University is busy developing a smartphone that will detect pH (the scale used to measure the acidity of a substance) in saliva and sweat. Salivary pH is correlated to enamel decalcification or the acidic breakdown of calcium in the teeth. Similarly, sweat pH is correlated to the amount or concentration of sodium as well as sweat rate. 

Allow me for a moment to go out on a limb. I think this is just the beginning of sweat related smartphone applications. Given that sweat contains substances like biomarkers and the fact that we can use sweat to detect exposure to alcohol, its not a stretch to think there will come a time that we have access to a variety of smartphone applications related to sweat. Forget the breathalizer test. Just swipe a plastic strip on your forehead or underarm and stick it into your smartphone.
 * research2guidance


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